It’s very exciting to see that Bohem is continuing to make great progress, with the concrete structure now up to level 20.

Alongside this, the Lift Core has been completed and the first ‘jumpform’ has been removed.

The gradual transformation is taking place up to various levels :

  • Level 15 : Electrical building services are at the ‘first fix’ stage and internal wall framing has been installed
  • Level 14 : Windows and wall sheeting internally to apartments are in place
  • Level 13 : Apartment ceilings are installed
  • Level 11 : Apartment joinery/ built in cabinetry ready plus floor tiling to apartment bathrooms and balconies

In the meantime, the seasonal plantings that will form the 22 metre green wall, adorn the facades of the building and screen the car park are being grown and cared for by our garden nursery partners.