Bohem Reaches for the Sky

Adelaide’s newest and most stylish apartment building Bohem reached new heights yesterday with a traditional ‘topping out’ ceremony to celebrate construction reaching the uppermost floor, with over 200 workers and invited guests in attendance.

The custom of ‘topping out’ goes back hundreds of years, with early roots in Europe and America, when tree branches or flags were laid on newly completed roofs as a symbolic gesture to bring good luck and health to the building’s residents.

Ken McLeavey, senior project manager for Maxcon, the family owned construction company that is building Bohem, always takes great pride in carrying through the ritual – yesterday by hoisting a large pine tree by crane to its 23rd floor.

“The event marked a significant milestone for Maxcon and Bohem, reaching the highest point on the project. It was an opportunity for us to thank the whole team involved especially the structural trades for their achievement and the huge effort involved,” said Ken.

Team is the key word for Starfish Developments managing director, Damon Nagel.

“Seeing Bohem reach this stage is very exciting. It exemplifies the importance of teamwork in getting us here – from the very high standards of our builders Maxcon to our outstanding Caroscio Architects and the expertise of the in-house Starfish team,” said Damon.

$110M Bohem is on schedule to be completed on time by the first quarter of 2018. “It may well be sooner,” said Damon. “We’re making very good progress with the build and residents should be able to move into their new home in the summer.”

With 88% of 234 apartments already sold off-the-plan and show apartments recently completed, Damon doesn’t expect the remaining few to hang around for long.

The unconventional architectural design of Bohem includes a stunning 22 metre green wall rising from the entry lobby. Colour changing greenery runs through the whole building, winding its way through the leafy pool deck and cleverly concealing the car parking levels.

Bohem meets a growing demand in Adelaide for city living, being well located in the CBD and close to the bustling streets of China Town and Gouger Street. It also responds to the increasing trend towards smaller households and a related need for higher density accommodation options.

Bohem, along with its Starfish predecessor Vue on King William, has benefitted from the State Government’s planning reforms facilitating higher rise buildings in the CBD.

VIP guests included Hon John Rau MP, Minister for Planning, Megan Hender, Councillor for the City of Adelaide, Daniel Gannon, Executive Director with the Property Council of South Australia and representatives from the Urban Institute of South Australia and Bank SA.


Facts and figures
Intriguing statistics for the volume of manufactured materials and number of working hours involved in building Bohem to date include the following - all good news for South Australian investment :

• approximately 280500 individual working hours
• 6621m3 concrete poured
• 600 precast panels used in building the floors and walls
• 1100t of reinforcement installed
• 35000 m2 of formwork
• 2890lm piling for the building foundations
• 151t structural steel


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• 22,336m partitions and ceilings
• 600t plasterboard, 70t rondo wall frames
• 4882 m2 of windows

Bohem Continues to Progress

It’s very exciting to see that Bohem is continuing to make great progress, with the concrete structure now up to level 20. The seasonal plantings that will form the 22 metre green wall, adorn the facades of the building and screen the car park are being grown and cared for by our garden nursery partner.

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bohem taking shape

Construction continues to progress on Adelaide’s newest apartment building, bohem, with the building now starting to take shape.

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