Relay Courtesy of Portside Weekly Messenger - Ashleigh Pisani

This announcement is fantastic news for our new Dock One masterplanned community, which will be located close to the Port Canal Shopping Centre.

New plans for the long touted $12 million upgrade of the Port Canal Shopping Centre have been approved by the state’s main planning authority.

The redevelopment includes demolishing the existing complex and the construction of a new glass two-storey complex. Work on the project is expected to begin in May next year.

Most of the building will be single-storey and contain retail stores including a Coles and a food court. It will also have two two-storey components on either side of the complex with a 24 hour gym, childcare centre and a medical centre inside. The existing Coles and Kmart buildings will be retained.


The shopping centre’s owner were given approval last October to redevelop the mall but have since changed the plans to now have the new building connect internally with the Coles and Kmart building. Currently, the two buildings are separate and divided by an outdoor area. Port Adelaide Enfield Council have said more work is needed to ensure appropriate stormwater and traffic management plans are put in place.

The new centre will see a reduction in the number of parking spaces — dropping from 981 to 912. Traders inside the centre, which is currently half-empty, have welcomed the upgrade saying it would attract new shoppers.

“The revival of Port Adelaide will have positive economic benefits long into the future, not just for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, but for the entire state of South Australia.,” Ms Philpott said.


Article published by Ashleigh Pisani, Portside Weekly Messenger on September 13, 2017. (image proposed concept)

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